Star Wars: Episode VII – Fan Theory (Act III)


We cut back to the surface of Coruscant. We see thick smoke choking out the skyline. A Star Destroyer is hovering just outside the atmosphere as ships and droids descend upon the surface.

Leia and Rey are seeing off the last of the evacuation ships for the senators. The last of the stormtroopers are taken out by Captain Yarstruck. It’s just the three of them now at the dock. As the last senator evacuation ship takes off it is shot out of the sky by a landing Imperial away vessel. The senator’s ship plummets to the ground spewing thick plumes of fire and ash before exploding.

Leia turns to Rey and instructs her to stay hidden and out of sight waving her hand with a quick mind trick. Rey nods and hides behind some debris.

The shuttle door opens. Kylo steps out. Captain Yarstruck raises his blaster but is immediately killed with a force lightning blast from Kylo’s fingertips. Leia attempts to force push Kylo back but suddenly finds herself without any powers. She collapses in a heap of exhaustion to her knees, utterly defeated.

Kylo steps to Leia and removes the metallic helmet from their head. The room is now lit with a faint red light emanating from Kylo. Leia looks up and her eyes go wide. She recognizes Kylo. She begins to mouth something.

We cut over to Rey… eyes locked on Leia and Kylo in horror. We hear Leia’s screams as the screen goes red.

The red of the screen turns to lasers blasting through the sky. We’re back to Han and Chewie as they land the Falcon. The ship hovers above the top of a large building used as a makeshift dock for the Imperial prisoners; and begins blasting troopers on the ground. Finn jumps out of the ship and starts releasing the bindings on the prisoners.

Finn communicates to Han that he’ll get the people out of there. Han takes off and reforms with Cmdr. Vreshkin and the X-Wing squad. We see them speed off to the horizon.

We cut back to see C3P0, R2D2, and Areeka as they have arrived at Coruscant. This is the first time we see the destruction of the planet from space. R2 bleeps and C3P0 informs Mara that they have a signal on the surface of the planet that matches that of Millennium Falcon. Areeka pushes the throttle forwards and rockets towards the now smokey planet.

Kylo Ren is walking aboard their ship. The body of Leia is being dragged up the ramp by a bulky shock trooper. Kylo raises a hand and signals for the ship take off, the black armored pilot nods and pulls up on the flight stick. A communication from General Gariks of the Star Destroyer holos in… and informs Kylo that all prisoner ships are aboard aside from one in District 9. Kylo’s metallic voice croaks out “Process the prisoners immediately General, I’ll find our missing ship.”

We see Rey emerge from her hiding spot. She surveys the damage. We see her eyes affix upon an empty starfighter ship.

Back to Han and Chewie. They formulate a plan to reactivate the planets defense systems and drive the Star Destroyer out of the atmosphere. We see a small Providence-Class vessel above the defense systems mainframe emitting a pulsing jamming signal. Cmdr. Vreshkin leads his squadron forward to take out the ship. They engage the ship and the ships make strafing runs across the hull.

We see Finn on the roof of the skyscraper and he’s just completed freeing the prisoners. He looks out to survey the destruction of the city. Just then a shuttle lands behind him. It’s Kylo. Kylo steps out and affixes their gaze upon Finn. To say Finn is outmatched is a MASSIVE understatement. Finn goes for his blaster but it is immediately yanked from his hands. Kylo’s red lightsaber ignites and pulses with a crackling red glow. Finn fumbles for Leia’s lightsaber and ignites it. He bravely gathers himself and charges at Kylo and swings wildly at the Sith lord. Kylo effortlessly leans backwards avoiding the blow and swings the red lightsaber in an upward arc slicing off the right arm and lower leg of Finn clean off. This fight wasn’t even close. It was the equivalent of a gnat attacking a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Finn drags his limp body away from Kylo weeping.

Solo and his band of X-Wing pilots are able to destroy the jamming vessel with a series of well placed torpedo runs. As the ship crashes into the streets below we see the planetary defense grid as it begins to hum back to life. We hear the pilots cheer as they break off to clear up the skies.

Back to Kylo standing victoriously over a cowering Finn. Kylo remarks how there still is use for a boy such as he that is sensitive with the force and lifts Finn up by his throat. Just then Rey arrives in her borrowed starfighter and unloads a volley of blaster fire upon Kylo. Kylo is knocked backwards and through the smoke we can see a red crackling shield encircling the sith lord. Kylo’s armor is cracked and we can see faint glows of red crackling beneath the armor. Kylo hands raise up and we can see the ship is now in the firm grasp of the sith’s force grip. Rey is seen fighting to regain control of the ship but it is useless.

Just then we hear the voice of General Gariks ordering a full retreat. The planetary orbital defense batteries are online and are sending massive volleys of concentrated fire to the Star Destroyer.

Sensing the the tide of the battle has turned, Kylo tosses aside Rey’s fighter and retreats to the ship and launches off towards the Star Destroyer.

Rey’s ships crash lands into the streets of Coruscant. When Areeka, C3P0, and R2D2 arrive to help her out of her ship. They have been on the ground coordinating the medical efforts for the survivors of the attack. Rey informs them of Finn’s condition at the top of the building. Areeka nods and sends a medical probe to retrieve the boy.

We see the probe ascend to the top of the building and gently retrieve Finn. He is brought to Areeka who begins to care for the boy.

In a wide shot of the planet we see the population helping one another. The threat of the Empire is back, but Corsucant stood firm and repelled the invaders.

The Millennium Falcon lands and Han and Rey reunite with a tight embrace. Rey tells her father that that Jedi has taken her mother aboard their ship. Then she says “Dad, I don’t know if I’m crazy but I think I recognized the person who took mom…”

We cut away back to the Star Destroyer. We hear General Gariks apologizing profusely to Kylo. Stating they had more than 90% of the planetary assets on board and that was well within parameters for a successful extraction mission. Before he can finish his words he reaches up to his throat which is now being crushed by a mere thought from Kylo.

As Kylo takes a seat of the command chair, we hear Kylo order all forces return to Korriban, the master needs the prisoners for his ceremony; the Star Destroyer takes off at light speed. We hear Rey’s voice over continue as Kylo removes their helmet and places it on their lap.

Rey’s Voice over: “I remember seeing that face in the holonet in the jedi archives back on Yavin IV.”

The camera pans up from the now dead face of General Gariks to the legs of Kylo. The armor has been damaged and scarred. As we come to the shoulders we see long brown hair drape across the chest of the Sith lord. We see the face of Kylo, it is a familiar feminine face. With thick scars that glow with a faint red color running across the nose.

We hold steady on Kylo’s face, slowly zooming in closer to their eyes which burn red and hot with sith fury. Rey’s Voice over continues: “Dad, I think that sith lord was Queen Amidala.”

Cut to credits.