Star Wars: Episode VII – Fan Theory (Act I)


The Empire is in no more. The galaxy is free. Order 99 has been enacted, upon the death of the Emperor all remaining Imperial forces regroup to the Sith home world of Korriban.

Luke Skywalker – is head of the newly formed jedi council on Yavin IV. He actively seeks out force sensitive individuals in the galaxy to bring them into the Jedi order and prevent the Sith from reforming. (Kinda like Professor X from the X-Men.) He also seeks to bring order back to the galaxy by supporting the democratic governments for each planet that was previously under Imperial control.

Leia Organa – has also awakened her force sensitivity as well, but does not engage in Jedi affairs. She is serving her final term as the Chancellor for the Galactic Republic in Coruscant.

Han Solo – was a general in the rebellion but has since retired. He and Leia were married but have since become estranged. He lives on his home planet of Corellia in the city of Coronet.


Our story begins with LUKE. He’s walking among the denizens of a former Imperial Mining Colony on Yavin IV. He’s older now but has the posture of a leader. The galaxy has known relative peace for the last 32 years.

Luke walks into the forest and we seem him approach the Jedi temple. He receives a communication informing him of a new presence discovered on Tatooine. We hear him dispatch an agent in the area to intercept him. He walks past the temple gates. We see R2D2 cheefully boo-beeping within the temple, Luke smiles at his old friend and pats him on the head as he walks inside the council chamber doors.

The doors slide open and we see Luke’s face turn to horror. The entire Jedi Council is dead on the floor. As we pan over the carnage we see C3P0, still shiny in his ceremonial shell sliced in half… his eyes flickering and sputtering with a yellow glow. He is in shock, he sensed nothing. He ignites his lightsaber and turns to see the face of the attacker. It is KYLO REN. Luke goes into a guarded position but Kylo is already to him with a burning red lightsaber plunged into his chest. The chosen one who brought balance to force falls to the floor and now lies dead at Kylo’s feet. We hear the sound of R2D2 screeching in the background as we wipe to the next scene.

We come to Tatooine. FINN is running down the streets of Mos Eisley. We follow him into his house where he is confronted by his mother. She says he’s going to be late, he mentions that he was working on restoring an antique B-Wing from before the fall of the Empire. He’s a mechanic. She kisses him as he runs out the door, he’s going to drop the family droid BB-8 off for maintenance before they close for the evening. BB-8 follows him out the door rustling and shaking almost falling apart.

Finn is walking through the city. As he approaches the shop we see the sign reads “Watto and Grandson’s.” Suddenly he is knocked down when the shop explodes in front of him. We hear the screech of Tie Fighters in the air. A probe droid falls from the sky and begins to pursue him. He’s on the run, BB-8 rolling behind him squawking. The droid begins reporting his position. Suddenly the droid explodes in blaster fire. He turns to see a hooded figure in grey. It’s REY. She introduces herself and helps Finn up.

We come back to Yavin IV. We see R2D2 navigating through the carnage of the slain Jedi council. He is dragging parts of C3P0 together into a sack. We see the face of Luke now lifeless as R2D2 rolls past slowly. We see R2 place Luke’s lightsaber into the sack holding C3P0.

We cut back Tatooine. Rey is with Finn hiding in an alley. Suddenly an Imperial Shuttle lands behind them and arrests them both. They are taken on board and are sent to an internment camp for processing. While on board Rey explains she was sent by Master Skywalker to retrieve him before she lost all contact and the Imperial army returned and started bombarding the planet. BB-8 has secretly followed them on board the shuttle.

The shuttle shakes from the impact of a huge green blaster shot and crashes in the streets. It’s the Hutt’s trying to reclaim their city. A fight breaks out amongst the stormtroopers and the gangster. Using this distraction to their advantage Rey and Finn limp over to a small cantina to recover (Yes… THAT cantina). Rey comments on how she will call in a favor to get them out of there. She flips open her communicator. BB-8 squawks at her in approval.

We smash to across the galaxy aboard an Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer sitting in orbit around a green planet. It’s Yavin IV. There is an entire fleet of Star Destroyers around the planet blockading the surface from any help.

We cut to a stormtrooper as he is moving the last few prisoners from the planet into a row of packed holding cells. Once the last prisoner is secured we follow him as he heads to the bridge of the ship where we see Kylo Ren sits at the helm. Raising a hand Kylo gives the order to fire. All the ships around the planet begin to open fire.

We see surface of the planet being OBLITERATED. R2D2 is racing through the streets of the outposts as buildings explode around him. We see C3P0 strapped to R2D2’s back yelling at him in terror. As they escape the destruction we pull back and see that every populated outpost is GONE.

Back to Tatooine! Stormtroopers have come into the Mos Eisley Cantina after having detected the signal of a force sensitive person in the area. Upon an interrogation Rey kills a trooper grabs Finn and they run out the bar and down the street… stormtroopers hot on their tale.

Rey is guiding Finn and they steal a speederbike. They race through the city with BB-8 hanging off the back of the speeder. They eventually lose their tail. They arrive at a Spaceport docking station. The door for one of the ports opens up… It’s HAN and CHEWBACCA! Finn introduces himself and Rey runs up and hugs Chewie. She walks by Han and coldly says “Thanks, Dad.” (REY IS HAN AND LEIA’S DAUGHTER! WHAAAAT?!)

Han says he’ll get them out of here. Finn protests that he can’t leave his mother here… but a squad of troopers burst into the dock and Chewie holds them back as they close the doors and take off.

Tie fighters chase the Falcon into orbit. We see the planet is surrounded by Imperial Star Destroyers as well. The Falcon narrowly escapes the blockade. We hear Han say “Let’s go see your mother, and see if we can figure out what the hell is going on.”

The Millennium Falcon jumps into hyperspace on a course for Coruscant.

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