Star Wars: Episode VII – Fan Theory (Act II)


Kylo is walking out of the bridge of the ship. Interrupted in the hallway by GENERAL GARIKS. He reports they have successfully identified and captured 9 force sensitive lifeforms from the Yavin IV surface and the remaining lances are reporting 162 prisoners from the other outer rim planets.

Nodding in approval Kylo informs the General to have the prisoners transferred to Korriban immediately. This is the first time we hear Kylo’s voice. It’s tinny and mechanical. The General salutes and quickly walk off.

Moving quickly, Kylo enters the war room. From here we can see the inner workings of this new empire. On the monitors we see scenes of carnage. Most notably Cloud City in Bespin. The great spire that held the city is destroyed and smoking… the spherical home of millions of people has fallen to the surface of the gaseous planet.

We learn that without the protection of the Jedi Council the outer rim planets have fallen under control of this newly reborn Empire. The galaxy is in CHAOS and vulnerable.

Kylo instructs the command center droid to begin phase 2 of the reclamation.

We jump back to Yavin IV. R2 is soldering pieces of C3P0 back together. R2 switches C3P0 back on. He jumps to life. It’s a happy moment as the two friends are reunited. The mood quickly turns sour as R2 tells C3P0 the fate of Luke.

We swipe over back to the Millennium Falcon still in hyperspace. Rey is happily catching up with Chewbacca chatting away. Han is sitting awkwardly at the controls. Every time he tries to speak to Rey he is interrupted or she is distracted. He can’t get a word in. Giving up he turns to Finn who is sulking in the corner. He is concerned about his mother. Han tries to comfort him.

A beep echoes through the halls of the Falcon. They have arrived at Coruscant.

We see the Falcon come out of hyperspace just outside of the orbit of the planet. The planet is a huge interconnected city. They land at the dock of the Galactic Senate. BB-8 is the first out of the ship beeping happily and rolling around in circles.

Han walks up to the guards on the walkway and says “Inform the Chancellor that her husband has arrived.” They are led to the Chancellor’s chamber.

LEIA walks out of her chambers and invites her guests in. She greets Rey with a warm hug and kiss, rubs the fur of Chewie warmly, shakes the hands of Finn, and nods at BB-8. She looks at Han and gives a cold “Han.” to which Han replies with an equally frosty “Princess.”

Rey begins catching her mother up with what has occurred on Tatooine when a distress signal comes in. It’s from C3P0 on Yavin IV. He communicates to the group what has happened on Yavin IV and that he has lost communication with all Outer Rim planets as well. He reports how prisoners were taken from the planet before the orbital bombardment began. Finally after a few beats he reports the death of Luke Skywalker. C3P0 disconnects the transmission.

The wind is completely knocked out of Han and Leia. They are visibly shaken. Rey informs Leia of her mission to retrieve Finn for Master Skywalker. Leia takes a moment and goes into her chambers.

Han begins to get in contact with any remaining forces in the area. He comes in contact with CMDR. VRESHKIN and his X-Wing squadron in training maneuvers just outside of the sector and instructs them to come protect the airspace around the Senate immediately. The squadron roars towards the capital.

Leia emerges from her chambers holding something wrapped delicately in cloth. She hands it to Finn. She says “If my brother and the Empire are looking for you, then you may need this more than I do.” She hands him the clothed item. It’s a lightsaber. Leia’s lightsaber. She explains her brother Luke helped her construct it once they discovered her abilities. She says that she did not want to pursue the ways of the Jedi, and instead decided to focus on the rebuilding galactic democratic system.

Finn is in complete shock. He is visibly overwhelmed. Leia ignites the lightsaber. It hums to life with a pulsing YELLOW glow.

KER-BOOOSH! A duo of elite shock troopers smash through the window blasters drawn on our group.

The Empire is here.

Suddenly a large concussive force smashes into the troopers from across the room knocking them out. It was Leia. She truly did have a connection with the force. She looks as surprised as anyone else.

Han springs into action and asks Finn if he knows how to use that lightsaber. Finn says he has no idea. Han remarks that he might need some of this imperial armor and weaponry then and tosses a helmet and chestpiece to Finn.

Friendly security forces led by CAPTAIN YASTRUCK rush into the room wanting to evacuate the chancellor to safety. They inform the group that the planetary defenses mainframe has been disrupted and the entire sector is vulnerable. Leia says she needs to stay and make sure all the Senators are evacuated safely.

Han says they need to regroup with the X-Wing squadron fighting outside and try to retake the sector.

Han, Chewbacca, Finn, and BB-8 will be heading to the Falcon. Rey offers to stay and protect her mother. Han looks to protest but he knows he won’t win this argument. Han gives Leia a peck on the cheek “I’ll see you around sweetheart. Rey… be careful.” Leia looks worried but runs off her with her guards to evacuate the senators.

The Falcon races off into the city. They link up with the X-Wing squadron and begin fighting ships through the city. Racing through alleys and dodging crumbling buildings. Finn is in a turret blasting tie fighters out of the sky. It’s all very exciting stuff.

A communication from the Cmdr. Vreshkin comes into Han, they have visual reports of transport ships loading prisoners into the shuttles at a nearby space dock. Han remarks they must be doing the same thing to this planet as they did to Yavin. The Empire must want these people for something. They have to stop those ships from taking off. The Falcon races off.

We slow it down a bit and cut back to Yavin IV. There we find C3P0 and R2D2 helping survivors of the orbital bombardment. One survivor named AREEKA mentions she has a ship that may still be in flyable condition. We see that it is a medical supply vessel surrounded by rubble but basically unharmed. Her mission was that of resupply for the outpost and plans to return to Coruscant. Our robot heroes convince her to fly them to Coruscant to meetup with our heroes.

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