UX and UI design

Routzy was conceived as a total contact management solution designed exclusively for the iPad. This meant we had to design interfaces for a whole range of actions the user can take including filling out PDF forms, signing invoices, sending group emails, drawing visual aids, routing contacts and generating sales reports.

I’m really proud of the response Routzy has gotten from the sales community. Here are a few reviews taken from the Routzy iTunes App Store page:

Changed our lives
Fantastic. Keeps everything neat and easy. Intuitive and great support. Tutorials are short but informative. Great app.

Super terrific! Keeps me on task and saves so much time. Linked with Sharepoint to make material easy to share.

Routzy on the App Store

Routzy BackOffice

A year after Routzy was on the iTunes App Store (and thousands of downloads later) we began developing a dispatching and QuickBooks bookkeeping add-on component that we called Routzy BackOffice.

After I started working on the wireframes I realized that we could do so much more with this program! I started putting together a presentation for the company owners laying out features like appointment setting, GPS activity tracking and analytical reporting. The presentation was a success almost immediately we began work on the expanded program.





Routzy is not your typical app. Most apps are myopic in nature and perform only one or two actions. Routzy was conceived from the beginning to be the only app a mobile sales person would ever need. Our website had to quickly convey what the heck Routzy actually does very quickly.

The logo/app icon was meant to convey the repetitious nature of sales reps activities with their contacts.