Web Design

All of Smart Service’s revenue comes from its website. Redesigning and aggregating the current site’s 100+ pages was a colossal undertaking. When we were redesigning the homepage we knew we had to make sure that every page was functional and designed to create leads.

The new site more than exceeded our expectations and skyrocketed the sales in a very short amount of time! Here are some aggregated performance statistics:

  • Conversions increased: 227.8%
  • Reduced bounce rate: 31.33%
  • Increased visit duration: 64.57%
  • Increased pageviews: 20.58%


New branding and marketing materials

To accompany the new website we completely rebranded Smart Service. At it’s core Smart Service is a scheduling software package that is perfect for multiple service industries. As such we had to make sure that several industries were represented in our materials as well as make collateral for our biggest verticals.

Additionally we wanted new customers to feel more informed during every step of their new system implementation procedure. From sale, to training, to going live with the software. We created several documents to introduce and walk the customer through this process, setting them up for success.




UX design

iFleet is an iOS app created to replace the stack of work orders a service technician would receive at the beginning of the day and make end of day billing more efficient. The look and feel of Smart Service needed to be passed along to iFleet while still functioning like an iOS app is expected to perform.

Unfortunately I wasn’t available to work on the iFleet interface while it was being initially developed. However I work closely with the developers whenever new features are added to ensure they operate in in a way users expect.

Update: In early 2014 I was tasked with completely overhauling the iFleet UI for version 4.0 of the application. Click here to see final results of this project.